CUTTING EDGE: Technology, Information Capitalism and Social Revolution
Edited with Thomas Hirschl and Michael Stack (Verso, Fall, 1997). Available online from

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I have set up a blog on networks and dialectics.

Useful links:
Docuseek2 -- A streaming site for social issue video.
Political and theoretical resources on the web
The Nature Institute -- Qualitative (or holistic or Goethean) science
Independent Media Center
Guerrilla News Network

Math resources
My Diigo - education heavy

Looking for Carl Perkins?
Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame And while you're at it, check out Rock and Rap Confidential

Picture of me and friends

Articles and publications I have written or contributed to:

Writings on globalization

My brother John V. Davis's website.

Check out Icarus Films web site, a good source of independent documentary and social issue films. There is also an Icarus Films YouTube channel.

Also check out the Bullfrog Films site, which is a good source of films on environmental and other social issues.

View The Stalingrad Scroll

My Garage King experience: a blog about getting a new garage built in Chicago.

To contact me, Jim Davis, send email to jd-At-gocatgoDotcom.

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Sunrise, Las Vegas, July 2005

The White Hills on the way to La Madre Spring, Feb. 2002

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